CPC Series

CPC Series: Rotary screw air compressors

Rotary screw air compressors offer high efficiency and reliability.

Electric motor, asynchronous, three-phase, class F standard.

Trapezoidal belt transmission system high yield and self-ventilating.

Anti-vibration: the motor-compressor unit is mounted on anti-vibration supports that isolate the moving components from the rest of the structure.

Tubing: All the components of the machine that are subject to vibration, are connected to each other with flexible tubing, with a seal that absorbs the vibration generated by the components in motion.

Incapsulated air intake filter is designed to catch any solid particles present in the surrounding air.

Oil filter cartridge for guaranteed ease of maintenance.

High efficiency, multi-stage Air-oil separator with following features:
  • Visual level indicator
  • Oil top-off plug
  • Condensation discharge
  • Manometer
  • Safety valve
Minimum pressure and check valve to guarantee the proper flow of lubricating oil from the machine's initial start-up phase and during idle operation.

Command and control panel in a sealed, shock-resistant cabinet made of 12/10 steel sheet metal with reliable electrical components from primary makers, tested under the most adverse conditions.

ES 3000 controller card. An efficient automatic compressor regulation system that provides continuous monitoring of the entire compressor plant.

Main switch with door interlock standard, prepared for emergency opening under load.

Air-oil radiator block-type with large exchange surface allows compressed air to be output at a low temperature and to maintain the optimum temperature of the circulating oil.

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