Fanquip dust collectors extracts dusty air from construction sites

Air movement specialist Fanquip has introduced a new range of dust collectors featuring an intelligently arranged vertical filter media system to counteract dust inhalation risks on building and construction sites.

Workers in building and construction industries are constantly exposed to a high amount of particle matter from fibrous wood compounds, concrete and aggregate base materials as well as metal grinding.

Fanquip’s dust collection equipment offers clean running on electricity, is long lasting and ensures reliable operation under harsh conditions. Filter cartridges in the dust collectors provide excellent technological and competitive advantages, both in terms of the arrangement and the cross-sectional shape.

Filter cartridges in conventional equipment are mounted horizontally; when pulsed for cleaning, the dust from the upper media cartridges will fall onto the filter media of the cartridges below, clogging the operating system.

However, the filter medium in the Fanquip dust collector has a cross-sectional multi-pointed star shape that increases the filter surface area by about 100%.

Available in four different sizes, Fanquip dust collectors offer exhaust outputs up to 1,250 litres per second of exhausting capacity.

Model No. 15-10481 operates at 0.75 kilowatt power and achieves rotor movement at 2,800 rpm. The 240V unit is capable of extracting dust at a rate of 330 litres per second.

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