Tenneco Advanced Clean Air Technologies Provide Fuel-Efficient, Cost-Effective Solutions for Global

FRANKFURT, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Tenneco (NYS: TEN) today unveiled its latest developments in clean air emissions technologies at the 2013 Frankfurt IAA Motor Show (Hall 5.1, Stand A16). The company is leveraging its expertise in systems integration, thermal management, materials science and predictive tooling to launch a new set of advanced solutions that help global vehicle manufacturers meet future emissions legislation worldwide. "Tenneco's suite of clean air technologies are specifically designed to enable reduction of NOx, particulate matter mass and number, as well as hydrocarbons and CO2 - all mandates for the next wave of U.S. Tier 3 and EU6 and 7 emissions legislation," said Tim Jackson, executive vice president, technology, strategy and business development, Tenneco. "Combined with our experience in systems integration, engineering and design and expanded global footprint, we're providing customers with solutions that can be implemented anywhere in the world today - without compromising vehicle performance or durability." Hydrocarbon Manifold Dosing. Tenneco is taking its expertise in clean air technology and systems integration to the next level with its hydrocarbon manifold dosing solution, which injects diesel fuel directly into the engine manifold, providing more efficient regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. Today's diesel engines typically conduct late fuel injection, which decreases the overall engine efficiency and creates oil dilution. With Tenneco's hydrocarbon dosing solution, the HC dosing vaporizer and injector are integrated into the engine manifold.

The hot environment there helps to evaporate the fuel quickly, which in turn aids in optimizing distribution of hydrocarbon oxidation and mixing performance. Tenneco's manifold dosing solution is also compact, making it easy to integrate and cost-effective. The system is currently being tested with several global OEMs. Compact Mixing Zone. When used with SDPF technology that integrates SCR and DPF functionality in one module, Tenneco's unique compact mixing zone solution helps to ensure efficient conversion of injected urea droplets into the desired ammonia without the formation of deposits, especially in low temperature applications. Further, the compact mixing zone in combination with the SDPF may reduce the overall size of the aftertreatment system, enabling reduced packaging.

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