The Future Of Energy-Efficient Compressor Technology

The new range was designed with energy efficiency and customer needs in mind, with a motor that significantly exceeds the latest NEMA Premium efficiency requirements. Built upwards, like a mini skyscraper, the motor and drive train share a single drive shaft and are vertically aligned, reducing the total footprint by up to 55 percent compared to other compressors on the market. In addition, the motor drive train is completely enclosed, resulting in a NEMA 4 rating for protection against dust, debris and water. A single closed oil-circuit cools the motor and lubricates the element and bearings, resulting in a very reliable and compact compressor that is also extremely quiet (down to 62 dBA). IMPO magazine talked to John Senay, Product Marketing Manager- Piston and Oil Injected Screws 30kW with Atlas Copco Compressors about the latest in energy-efficient compressor technology, NEMA Premium Efficiency requirements, and the future of energy efficiency.

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